Advanced White Water Safety

The Advanced White Water Safety course is designed to support kayakers and canoeists on grade 3 and 4 white water rivers.

Advanced White Water Safety Overview

Minimum age

Open to all ages


Participants need to either hold the relevant British Canoeing Awarding Body Personal Performance Award or equivalent ability in/on their preferred craft due to the paddling environment and the boat/board control required to complete the course.


2 Days

Course Documents

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Course Content

Paddlers will explore simple strategies and safe skills that can provide the tools to solve common paddling issues. All modules are interactive, practical sessions, discussing and using equipment, and exploring possible solutions to common issues on grade 3 and 4 white water rivers

The Advanced White-Water Safety course is a 2-day programme that consists of 12 modules.

  • Motivations and Decisions
  • River Trip
  • Emergency planning & procedures
  • Review and reflections
  • Craft based rescues
  • Bank based rescues
  • Moving around steep environments
  • Stuck craft
  • Stuck people
  • Casualty management and calling for assistance
  • Scenarios
  • Review and reflections


Attendance certificates are issued to candidates by their Delivery Centre, following a recommendation from the course tutor.

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