Mentors and Coach Developers

If you are looking for a Mentor or Coach Developer, contact your National Association for a list you could potentially work with.

There are many people that support the development of paddlesport Instructors, Coaches and Leaders, this is both very rewarding and satisfying seeing individuals flourish with both confidence and skill.

Supporting other instructors, coaches and leaders in their development requires many skills, experience and knowledge and, as such, we have devised two programmes aimed at supporting individuals that work within these roles. We would encourage anyone involved in developing individuals to take a look at these resources, creating thought, reflection as well as some handy hints.

Although this list is not exclusive, we would actively encourage:
  • National Association National Trainers
  • Personal Performance Awards Providers
  • Coach Educators
  • Mentors
  • Lead Club Coaches
  • Regional Club Representatives

  • Once you have completed an activity, make sure you download your Statement of Participation for your record.

    Your National Association will also be informed, as they could provide other paddlers with a list of mentors and coach developers if you have opted in to being contactable on your membership portal.


    Complete this eLearning to develop your Mentoring skills

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    Coach Developer

    Coach Developer

    Complete this eLearning to develop your Coach Developer skills

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