Paddle Awards

Paddle Awards

Paddle Awards

The Paddle Awards are for those getting into a boat for the first time, enabling them to feel confident in their chosen craft in a sheltered water environment. The awards help empower the paddler, enabling them to start their lifelong journey into paddlesport.

Paddle Awards Overview

Minimum Age

Open to all ages.


No prerequisites. Learners can select the award best suited to their needs.

Course Length

No set time, depends on the individuals development.


To deliver the awards, Instructors, Coaches, Leaders, Bell Boat Helms and Raft Guides can complete the Provider eLearning.

Course Documents

To view the associated documents for the course, please click here.


No registration needed.

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There are three Paddle Awards to choose from:

Paddle Start
Your first time on the water ‘having a go’! A fun and enjoyable practical session, introducing you to paddlesport.

  Paddle Start (1.0 MiB, 17,849 hits)

Paddle Discover
Taking you on the next steps towards becoming an independent paddler, for a fun and safe time on the water. Developing an understanding of the factors which affect your paddling; developing your decision making and practical skills, giving you confidence on the water.

  Paddle Discover (961.5 KiB, 21,565 hits)

Paddle Explore
Your Explore Award gives you ownership; allowing you to choose where you move next in the world of paddlesport.

  Paddle Explore (810.7 KiB, 21,996 hits)

Become a Provider

If you’re interested in delivering the Paddle Awards, the Personal Performance Awards Provider eLearning is designed to support Providers with the delivery of the Paddle Awards. The activities will give a range of information about how Providers can support paddlers and all the information they need to know about the Personal Performance Awards.

The eLearning costs £15, will take approximately an hour to complete and you will also receive the following upon completion:

  • 10 CPD Points
  • Logos for your marketing
  • Provider Pack

The eLearning can be accessed on the Sarola platform here.

Find a course

To find a course in your area, visit your Delivery Centre website by clicking the relevant logo at the bottom of this page.

Click Here for Video Guidance on Delivering The Paddle Awards