Personal Performance Award Resources

Below you will find course documents and the eLearning for the Personal Performance Awards.

Provider eLearning

The Personal Performance Awards Provider eLearning is designed to support Providers with the delivery of the Paddle UK Personal Performance Awards. The activities will give a range of information about how Providers can support paddlers and all the information they need to know about the Personal Performance Awards.

The eLearning costs £15, will take approximately an hour to complete and you will also receive the following upon completion:

  • 10 CPD Points
  • Provider Pack

The eLearning can be accessed on the British Canoeing Awarding Body Learning Platform by clicking here.

Award Documents

  Personal Performance Awards Details (532.9 KiB, 15,646 hits)

  Personal Performance Awards Delivering the Awards (576.7 KiB, 9,876 hits)

  Personal Performance Awards Provider Requirements (236.3 KiB, 975 hits)

  Personal Performance Awards Final Recommendation Guidance (173.4 KiB, 10,715 hits)

  Personal Performance Awards Provider Recommendation (192.6 KiB, 8,200 hits)

  Personal Performance Awards FAQs (321.6 KiB, 11,823 hits)

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Canoeing Content

  Canoe Award (1.3 MiB, 10,696 hits)

  Progressive Canoe Award (7.1 MiB, 6,373 hits)

  Advanced Canoe Award (1.5 MiB, 4,144 hits)

Freestyle Content

  Flat Water Freestyle Award (1.1 MiB, 2,776 hits)

  Freestyle Award (1.8 MiB, 1,849 hits)

  Advanced Freestyle Award (1.7 MiB, 1,830 hits)

Polo Content

  Polo Explore Award (1.2 MiB, 1,891 hits)

  Polo Perform Award (1.2 MiB, 1,684 hits)

  Polo Excel Award (1.1 MiB, 1,659 hits)

Racing Content

  Racing Explore Award (1.4 MiB, 2,085 hits)

  Racing Perform Award (1.3 MiB, 1,881 hits)

  Racing Excel Award (1.4 MiB, 1,764 hits)

Rafting Content

  Flat Water Raft Racing Award (1.1 MiB, 1,644 hits)

  Stadium Raft Racing Award (2.3 MiB, 1,626 hits)

  River Raft Racing Award (1.6 MiB, 1,641 hits)

Sea Kayak Content

  Sea Kayak Award (976.8 KiB, 13,544 hits)

  Coastal Sea Kayak Award (1.3 MiB, 10,060 hits)

  Advanced Sea Kayak Award (974.1 KiB, 6,207 hits)

Slalom Content

  Slalom Explore Award (912.9 KiB, 1,943 hits)

  Slalom Perform Award (1.0 MiB, 1,729 hits)

  Slalom Excel Award (1.4 MiB, 1,582 hits)

SUP Content

  SUP Sheltered Water Award (1.4 MiB, 9,474 hits)

  SUP White Water Award (385.6 KiB, 2,938 hits)

  SUP Paddle Surf Award (915.7 KiB, 2,365 hits)

Surf Kayak Content

  Surf Kayak Award (1.0 MiB, 2,450 hits)

  Progressive Surf Kayak Award (1.3 MiB, 1,893 hits)

  Advanced Surf Kayak Award (3.0 MiB, 1,682 hits)

Touring Content

  Touring Award (910.8 KiB, 5,790 hits)

  Open Water Touring Award (918.5 KiB, 3,914 hits)

  Multi Day Touring Award (1.3 MiB, 3,598 hits)

White Water Content

  White Water Award (1.2 MiB, 8,609 hits)

  Progressive White Water Award (1.5 MiB, 5,277 hits)

  Advanced White Water Award (1.2 MiB, 3,432 hits)

  Stadium White Water Award (1.3 MiB, 1,169 hits)

  Progressive Stadium White Water Award (1.4 MiB, 941 hits)

Wild Water Racing Content

  Wild Water Racing Explore Award (1.3 MiB, 1,557 hits)

  Wild Water Racing Perform Award (1.3 MiB, 1,489 hits)

  Wild Water Racing Excel Award (1.3 MiB, 1,496 hits)