Safety Resources

The following resources have been created to support you in the development of your safety skills. The list below is a great starting point, check out the Digital Library for more specific resources.

  Why we paddle and the decisions we make (8.8 MiB, 366 hits)

  Using Throwlines in a Sheltered Water Environment (24.1 MiB, 932 hits)

  Inland Open Water Safety and Rescue Course Support Resource (9.4 MiB, 323 hits)

  Safety and Rescue in a Sheltered Water Environment Support Resource (32.6 MiB, 629 hits)

  White Water Hazards and Features (26.3 MiB, 525 hits)

  Introduction to White Water Safety (15.4 MiB, 362 hits)

  White Water Safety and Rescue Support Resource (17.0 MiB, 510 hits)

  Advanced White Water Safety & Rescue Support Resource (11.1 MiB, 149 hits)

Rescue Videos

The videos within this section is not exhaustive but a selection of options paddlers can use.

Sheltered Water Bank-Based Rescues

Sheltered Water Open Canoe Rescues

Sheltered Water Kayak Rescues

Sheltered Water Mixed Craft Rescues

Sheltered Water SUP Rescues

Racing Craft Rescues

Coaching from the bank guidance

  Bank based coaching from a bike (129.8 KiB, 252 hits)

  Coaching Freestyle from the bank (8.2 MiB, 222 hits)

  Ten top tips to consider when supervising pool sessions (4.6 MiB, 428 hits)

  Coaching from the bank in Slalom (11.9 MiB, 236 hits)

  Coaching from the Beach (4.3 MiB, 238 hits)

  Top tips for coaching white water from the bank (6.9 MiB, 324 hits)

  Coaching Canoe Polo from the Bank (2.7 MiB, 314 hits)

  Top tips for bank based coaching wild water racing (3.4 MiB, 191 hits)