Athlete Development Framework

The Athlete Development Framework identifies the key foundations that underpin long term potential in the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines, across genders and classes detailing technique, physical preparation, psychological characteristics and behaviours along with racing and training experiences.

This is a guide of principles and offering a reference point for decision making to help coaches create effective and appropriate learning environments suitable to the needs of paddlers and the constraints of the environment that they operate within. It does not provide a readymade solution to training programmes or problems due to the individual nature of the athlete development puzzle. There are multiple skills and attributes to develop on the journey to becoming a paddler and people develop at different times and at different rates.

Use of this guidance at a group level will require coaches to consider their training environment, areas of development and motivation for the group as a whole, as well as the ages and stages of development of the individuals.

Watch World Class Programme and England Sprint Talent Programme staff discuss the Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe Athlete Development Framework.

You can find the framework and supporting documents for sprint and paracanoe below:

Download the Athlete Development Framework 

Access the ADF High Performing People Resource

Access the ADF Physical Preparation Resource

Access the ADF Crew Boat Skills Resource

Access the ADF Learn to Race Resource

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