Why choose a regulated National Governing Body for Qualifications?

British Canoeing Awarding Body is the only regulated and recognised awarding organisation for paddlesport. Our work and compliance with Ofqual, Qualification Wales and the CCEA ensures the highest standards of quality assurance and standardisation, providing assurances to both participant and deployer. 

Our qualifications are also mapped to the professional standards of the Chartered Institute of Management Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) aligned to coaching national standards.

How we ensure high standards of quality assurance:

  • Mandatory standardisation events for both Delivery Centres and Trainers
  • Robust governance structures 
  • Independent application and selection process for trainers
  • Regular review of the content of qualifications
  • Specific technical groups providing expertise and advice
  • Comprehensive set of policies to underpin governance, as well as ensuring fairness and equality
  • Work closely with Sports Councils and authorities to meet standards of deployment and relevant codes of practice 

All of BCAB qualifications are available on the public domain alongside a comprehensive, digital library of over 4,000 resources, including eLearning, podcasts, academic papers, videos and articles to support both new and experienced instructors, coaches and leaders.

BCAB continues to invest significant capacity to ensure we meet the demands of regulatory compliance but also to develop new material recognising emerging trends, as well the need for research ensuring our qualifications are underpinned by evidence and insight.