Our Commitment to You

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British Canoeing Awarding Body’s commitment is to the provision of a value-added service via competent and helpful personnel, utilising efficient quality systems and processes.

In delivering a responsive and effective service with courtesy, we aim to:

  • Maintain effective communication mechanisms to provide quality information
  • Solicit customers’ feedback on British Canoeing Awarding Body services on a regular basis to establish customer satisfaction levels
  • Adhere to the established procedures and quality standards to ensure good practice and consistency
  • Ensure British Canoeing Awarding Body personnel are competent and motivated to work to a high standard
  • Ensure that personnel adhere to the British Canoeing Awarding Body Code of Ethics and Core Values to meet British Canoeing Awarding Body’s and customers’ expectations
  • Treat all customers, and potential customers, equally at all times regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability
  • Act promptly and professionally in all customer operations, providing relevant information on taking appropriate action within specific timescales where required

Information on services and the cost of these services is freely available, as well as access to the policies and values that underpin our work.

We seek to foster a climate of mutual respect between our customers and stakeholders. View the related documents below to learn more.

British Canoeing Awarding Body recognises that many aspirant instructors, coaches, leaders and providers, and those wishing to transfer from other award systems or other countries, may bring relevant experiences and qualifications to their role from other sports, countries and learning opportunities, and offers an Accredited Prior Learning (APL) service.  To view the APL Policy, click below:

  Accredited Prior Learning (APL) Guidance Document (553.6 KiB, 1,857 hits)

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