British Canoeing Awarding Body announces the NEW Performance Coach Award

British Canoeing Awarding Body has today announced the launch of the NEW Performance Coach Award which is designed to support coaches to further develop and refine their coaching, enhancing their ability to use sophisticated coaching practices to improve the performance and long-term development of the paddlers they coach. 

The Performance Coach Award is an ideal programme for intrinsically driven, experienced coaches who want to get better at coaching the paddlers they work with, and for those who seek recognition that their delivery meets enhanced levels of sophistication.

The learning journey is fluid and personalised to every coach who undertakes the programme. The key components of the award are the same but, as an experienced coach, you will steer the direction and focus of your learning in areas that are most relevant to you.

The Performance Coach Award will be available in 21 pathways, across all of our main disciplines and environments. There is no workbook or portfolio to complete.

“British Canoeing Awarding Body is delighted to launch the NEW Performance Coach Award Qualification, being part of the wider 4 year review of all Coaching and Leadership awards.  This significant project has included a full review of academic research, feedback from learners on the programme and industry wide consultation.  This is a completely different programme, focusing on supporting already experienced coaches to develop their craft using sophisticated approaches to enhance their delivery.

Such shift in focus supports coaches in all arenas, and is not explicit to coaches working with performance athletes.”

– Lee Pooley, Head of Coaching and Qualifications at Paddle UK

During the extensive review and consultation process, the review highlighted a requirement for training and recognition of the work that Heads of Paddlesports, Chief Paddlesport Instructors and senior positions within clubs and centres carry out as part of their role. Further work will be carried out to support the development and learning of individuals within these positions.

Available from 29th June 2020, British Canoeing Awarding Body will look to roll out the award by completing the following milestones over the coming months:

February 2020: British Canoeing Awarding Body will be training the Provider workforce

29th June 2020: British Canoeing Awarding Body and National Association websites will be updated with course documents

29th June 2020: The NEW Performance Coach Award will be available throughout the UK

Further updates will be promoted via this website, the National Association Delivery Centre websites and the ‘Catch up with Coaching’ newsletter.

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