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The RapidJoin service on this page is for new individual English (British Canoeing) or non-UK members only. If you are a lapsed or renewing member of British Canoeing, or if you require a couples or family membership, then please use the British Canoeing membership portal here. If you live in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland please see below.

Free and heavily discounted paddler eLearning from British Canoeing Awarding Body is one of many benefits of National Association membership. You need to join the association in the country you reside. Click on the links to read a full list of benefits for each association: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

If you live in Northern Ireland please join through the Paddle Northen Ireland website here. If you live in Scotland join using the Paddle Scotland website here. Finally, if you live in Wales please join using the Canoe Wales website here. Once joined you can link your membership using our login process and access eLearning discounts.

The membership you will purchase is On The Water membership. It includes a waterways licence for England and Wales and public liability insurance, among other benefits. You will be asked your date of birth and allocated the correct membership type for your age. Prices are:

  • Individual Adult (Over 23) - £60
  • Young Person (18-22) - £47
  • Youth (Under 18) - £37

Your personal data will only be used for administering your application and providing you with your membership services. Please see the Paddle UK Privacy Centre here for more details on how we manage your data.