Neurodiversity mini-series

The neurodiversity mini-series launched as part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024, in partnership with Neurodiverse Sport, exploring a range of topics.

Introduction and Glossary

This resource explores what neurodiversity means and why we need to understand more about the topic, as well as key terms and definitions in the glossary.

Neurodivergent Conditions

Neurodiverse Sport have created this resource that takes us ‘beyond neurodiversity’ as a topic and into some of the specifics of neurodivergent conditions. This outlines a variety of neurodivergent conditions, some of the core elements of the conditions, and busts long-held myths about them.

Paddlers’ Experiences

We take the opportunity to learn directly from the paddling community, and catch up with 2 neurodiverse paddlers: Georgie and Nerys. Paddling in different disciplines, in different parts of the country, at different levels, they share their insights and experiences.

Coaching Podcast episode

Tune into this episode of the Coaching Podcast where Nerys Hall and Caragh McMurtry share their experiences as neurodivergent athletes and how coaches during their careers have impacted their ability to thrive.

Inclusive Practice Guidance

This resource contains guidance and tips for individuals, clubs and coaches wanting to support more neurodivergent paddlers, and create neuroinclusive paddling settings for everyone involved on the water.

All of the resources can be downloaded in the Neurodiversity mini-series plain text version