Top 5 reasons to attend the 2022 Paddlesport Coaching and Leadership Conference

There’s not long left to book your place at the 2022 Paddlesport Coaching and Leadership Conference, taking place on 19th and 20th November at Eastwood Hall, Nottinghamshire. If you’ve still not booked your place, read our top 5 reasons why you should book on today!

1) Update your CPD: Attendance at the Conference updates your CPD for 3 years!

2) Networking: We are aware that for many of us we have not been able to catch up with colleagues and friends, throughout the conference there is ample opportunity to network with instructors, coaches and leaders. In the evening there will be a buffet style dinner, providing opportunities to socialise, catch up and even plan your next adventure in the bar later.

3) Brand NEW Evening talk: We are pleased to include a new evening talk from Pyranha exploring ‘How long should a Polyethylene (PE) kayak or canoe last?’

What has changed since PE canoes and kayaks were first introduced and what can be done to prolong their useful lifespan? What options for recycling are there once a PE canoe or kayak’s lifespan is up? 

Join Pyranha for an evening session in which they’ll provide insight into these questions, and through open discussion, aim to set the direction for future initiatives and actions.

4) Attend a range of workshops: The conference includes a range of workshops that you won’t find anywhere else! You can personalise your learning journey, depending on your interests or development needs, choose from Understanding and assessing weirs as a valuable part of your remit, Sustainable Coaching, Crossing Lines, Freestyle Fundamentals and much more!

5) Something for Everyone: The conference brings together instructors, coaches, leaders and guides, from all disciplines with a range of experiences, who are invited to engage, discuss and reflect on the insightful keynotes and workshops throughout the weekend. The keynote presentations which feature as part of the Saturday programme will explore this year’s theme based around you, exploring what has influenced us and contributes to who we are and how we consider and approach our own development. During the Sunday programme, to can personalise your own learning journey, so you can pick the topic areas that interest you most.

So what are you waiting for? Book online today