Update to Stadium Safety and Rescue Training Provider Requirements

BCAB is pleased to share that we will be broadening the Stadium Safety and Rescue Training Provider requirements to enable more paddlers to deliver the training and therefore, support safety at stadiums.

The Stadium Safety and Rescue Training is designed for individuals wanting to provide safety cover at an artificial, white water course. 

The objective is to provide underpinning knowledge and introduce simple and safe practical skills that can be applied appropriately, improving an individual’s awareness of the risks and safety skills required in an artificial, white water environment. The course is open anyone looking to provide safety cover at an artificial course including parents, volunteers, event safety teams and officials. 

The training will cover the following UK artificial, white water centres –

  • Lee Valley White Water Centre
  • Cardiff White Water Centre
  • Pinkston White Water Centre
  • Nene White Water Centre
  • Nottingham White Water Centre
  • Tees White Water Centre

Coaches, Leaders or Raft Guides wishing to run the Stadium Safety and Rescue course are required to apply to their Delivery Centre. As a minimum, this will require active and updated coaches, leaders and guides with a minimum of one of:

  • White Water Coach
  • Freestyle Coach
  • Slalom Coach
  • Stadium Raft Guide
  • Stadium White Water Leader
  • White Water Leader
  • BCU Level 3 Coach Inland
  • BCU Coach with Moderate Water Endorsement (White Water)

Contact your Delivery Centre to find out more.