Become a British Canoeing Raft Guide

British Canoeing Raft Guide qualifications are recognised and used throughout the UK and Internationally.

Within the UK, Paddle UK is the only recognised paddlesport Awarding Body, providing qualifications and awards for over 35 years. Due to our regulated status, we are able to offer high quality learning, as well as standardised assessment processes providing peace of mind for Raft Guides and deployers worldwide.

All providers of the Rafting awards have gone through a significant recruitment, training and moderation process, ensuring that high standards are followed, with compulsory updates yearly to ensure continual competence and delivery of the most current practices within Rafting.

Being a Raft Guide with Paddle UK, you will have continual support through our digital resources and highly regarded technical group, as well as ensuring both safeguarding practice and first aid requirements are up to date. Being a member of Paddle UK, Paddle Scotland, Canoe Wales or CANI will provide you with appropriate insurance to operate as a Raft Guide worldwide, as well as access to waters in England and Wales that require a licence.

Your journey to becoming a Raft Guide

Aligned to the Paddle UK Educational Philosophy, the new awards provide choice in your development journey, as well as recognising and celebrating your existing experience.

You can access formal Paddle UK recognised training, which will support you in the development of the required skills. These courses typically cover leadership skills, and the associated personal skills, safety and rescue skills. As this training is delivered by Paddle UK Providers, they will also be able to help you identify an appropriate action plan to support your progress towards a successful assessment.

Alternatively, there are direct pathways to assessment, for experienced guides and qualified International Rafting Federation and Scottish Rafting Federation Guides. You can develop your own approach to gaining the skills, knowledge and experience, working with an experienced guide to upskill on areas specific to your development.

Paddle UK Raft Providers can also provide private tuition, in-house training through your workplace, designing bespoke training based on your requirements.

The choice is yours, to design the development journey to suit your existing skills.  We believe this individualised approach will be both cost effective, reduce travel, and broaden how guides develop their rafting practice.