NEW Stadium Safety and Rescue Training

British Canoeing Awarding Body is pleased to announce the NEW Stadium Safety and Rescue Training, designed for individuals wanting to provide safety cover at an artificial, white water course.

The objective is to provide underpinning knowledge and introduce simple and safe practical skills that can be applied appropriately, improving an individual’s awareness of the risks and safety skills required in an artificial, white water environment. The NEW four-hour training course will teach Shout, Reach and Throw line techniques, introduce candidates to swim safely in an artificial, white water environment and outline basic rescue protocols that prioritise the safety of the individual above all others.

The training will cover the following UK artificial, white water centres:

  • Lee Valley White Water Centre
  • Cardiff White Water Centre
  • Pinkston White Water Centre
  • Nene White Water Centre
  • Nottingham White Water Centre
  • Tees White Water Centre

The NEW Stadium Safety and Rescue Training will be available from the 1st May 2019. Click here to read full details of the content or watch the video here