British Canoeing Awarding Body launches NEW Leadership and Raft Guide Awards Suite and Supportive Resources

British Canoeing Awarding Body is pleased to announce that the NEW Leadership and Raft Guide Awards are now available. 

The new awards aim to create more opportunities for people to paddle by increasing the number of qualified leaders. 

The awards suite aligns to the Paddle UK Educational Philosophy and supports leaders and raft guides to run safe, quality, enjoyable trips, based on their group’s needs and aspirations.

The awards are ideal for clubs, centres and activity providers looking to lead groups on single or mixed craft journeys, from sheltered water to advanced water.

Supportive Resources

There are a range of NEW resources available to support you in your development as a Leader or Raft Guide, as well as resources to support your trips and journeys.

The NEW Leader and Raft Guide Self-Analysis tool aids you in identifying specific areas of development, so you can plan your own unique learning and development journey based on your responses.

Whether you’re driving 20 miles down the road to a new location or planning an overseas expedition, the NEW Leading in Unfamiliar Environments eLearning will provide top tips and considerations.

The guidance for leading mixed craft is ideal if you’re looking to become a Paddlesport Leader or Paddlesport Touring Leader.

A selection of resources to support your leadership decision making when considering using weirs.

A revised and revamped digital logbook is available to download so you can record your experience, forming a diary to capture and reflect. This will support you in your progress towards assessment. This can also be used as a development record for qualified leaders.

The Raft Guide video playlist is ideal for anyone on their journey to become a Stadium Raft Guide, Raft Guide or River Trip Leader.

Read more about the new awards here