British Canoeing Challenge Cards

Canoe Slalom coaches Craig Morris and Gareth Wilson launch exciting Challenge Cards project, enhancing coach and athlete development across paddlesport

Challenge cards are a playful, creative resource designed to support coach and paddler development across a variety of paddling disciplines.  Starting out as a specific resource for Canoe Slalom, the positivity around the concept led creators Craig Morris and Gareth Wilson to collaborate across multiple paddlesport disciplines resulting in the exciting addition of ‘Flatwater Racing Challenge Cards’.

‘Using Challenge Cards to put the athlete at the centre of their learning’

The nature of the challenges all reside under the umbrella of a non-linear approach to skill development.  Flexible in nature, learners learn by exposure to different environmental situations over time with a high degree of freedom. The emphasis is on the exploration of solutions through self-directedness and self-organisation; critically scaffolded through the process of reflective practice.  In this respect, Challenge Cards are an important resource in a person-centred approach, developing independent learners and effective learning environments.

Challenges are designed to be flexible in nature and promote users to adapt them to the environment in which they are practicing, adding value to established session intentions.  A powerful addition to coach and athlete practice, the cards not only provide value added options for development and performance but can also be used in a more recreational sense to enhance interactions, connections and enjoyment.

Each deck contains over 100 cards that enhance the paddler/coach experience of development. Each card designed to promote learner led environments that enhance skills both relevant to the sport and to real life in fun, collaborative and playful ways.

The Canoe Slalom deck was recently featured in the UK Coaching Applied Coaching Research Journal (2020) as an excellent example of where research meets practice to impact positively upon Coach and Athlete development. 

To find out more and get your copy of the Paddle UK Canoe Slalom and Challenge Cards, click here.

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