Go Paddling eLearning for new paddlers

The latest addition to the British Canoeing Awarding Body eLearning library is the new Go Paddling Introduction to Paddlesport!  The FREE eLearning is aimed at new or returning paddlers and works through a range of topics from equipment to environment and safety information too. The eLearning is designed to be an easy to use, interactive program which takes no longer than 20 minutes to complete, and educates new paddlers on important topics before heading for the water this summer.

The growth and interest in paddlesport has been monumental this summer, with paddling being reported and tried and tested on all major media channels, print magazines and newspapers. The growth is fantastic for the sport and also raises an important opportunity to educate new and existing paddlers about important areas to help keep everyone safe on the water, protect wildlife and make sure people have the best possible time when paddling too!

The new, free eLearning includes information about equipment from buoyancy aids to leashes, craft types to paddle types and covers basic locations where you can paddle, information on sharing the space and an introduction to PaddlePoints. Plus you’ll also find information on safety with a run down of everything you should take with you on a little paddle adventure, weather considerations, top tips and the importance of different types of safety equipment too. 

As always, there are also several fun games to help you learn along the way! 

Take a look at the FREE eLearning here and brush up on your own skills before heading out on the water for your next paddling trip.