NEW Coach Self-Analysis Tool and NEW Digital Library

The BCAB website has had a refresh.  The ‘Provider Zone’ section has now become ‘Award Documents’ and the ‘Paddler Zone’ has changed to ‘Learning and Development’.

As BCAB strives to support learning and development amongst instructors, coaches, leaders and guides, the NEW Coach Self-Analysis Tool and NEW Digital Library will enable individuals to recognise and celebrate their current practice, as well as consider options for further learning and development.

The Coach Self-Analysis Tool enables an individual to gauge their current level of understanding, skill and knowledge in their discipline. This tool provides a personal overview of the coach’s current practise giving a holistic view, as well as a specific breakdown, in each of the areas. The analysis then offers considerations of how the coach may want to support their continual learning and development.

These considerations link to a range of resources within the Digital Library, which includes academic papers, videos, podcasts, eLearning and much more.  The Digital Library will continue to grow and develop as new resources are made available.  It can also be used as a stand-alone resource for you to browse topics relevant to you.

The Coach Self-Analysis Tool has the function to alert the individual if their results indicate they could consider having their current knowledge and experience verified, which could allow a direct access opportunity to a coaching assessment.

Once a coach completes the Self-Analysis Tool, they have the option to download their results, enabling them to share these with peers, coach developers and mentors who can help in their development and offer further guidance and support.

The Coach Self Analysis Tool and Digital Library can be accessed on your desktop, phone or tablet.   To access the NEW Coach Self-Analysis Tool, click here.  To browse the range of resources within the NEW Digital Library, click here.

Watch the launch video here.