Protecting your skin – Lifejacket

With the clocks having changed and the weather improving, we know more and more people’s minds will turn to the sun and protecting their skin. At LifeJacket we are of course huge advocates of the importance of protecting your skin from UV on a daily basis, 365 days a year (science is on our side as well!), but we also recognise with good weather comes more people outdoors doing what they love on the water. As we mentioned in last month’s article, those who enjoy their watersports are at an elevated risk when it comes to UV and skin damage due to both the amount of time spent outdoors but also as UV reflects off water, in effect doubling the exposure.

May marks Skin Cancer Awareness Month, a busy time of year for us at LifeJacket as we ramp up our work with a range of groups, clubs, bodies and organisations in raising awareness of the risks of skin damage, helping people understand the science behind it all and the simple steps that need to be taken to keep yourself safe. We are of course always happy to talk to anyone who may be interested in stocking any of our products for staff, members and customers. But we are also keen to speak to as many centres and groups as possible who may be interested in working together to share information and facts on all things skin safety.

If you feel your community may find informative/educational content useful, perhaps you would see value in an online presentation or enjoy an Instagram Live Q&A session, we would love to hear from you. We have worked with a range of groups in a number of different ways, all with the goal of offering something useful and adding value. Whatever it is you feel would be well received, we are keen to listen and learn and see how we can help. Just drop me an email at [email protected] and we can take it from there!