Stand Up Paddleboard safety discussed at Westminster

Lee Pooley, Head of Coaching and David Tidball ‘Tids’, Chair of the SUP Technical Group represented Paddle UK at a Parliamentary Reception hosted by Alex Chalk MP to discuss the promotion of SUP safety and awareness.

The reception was attended by leading manufacturers, training providers and key stakeholders to consider appropriate and collaborative approaches to support the SUP community.  Quick release belts, point of sale information and aligned messaging were areas of discussion.

“It is really significant that SUP safety has received such an important platform to discuss and address current safety concerns, with a view to creating universal messaging.”   Lee Pooley, Head of Coaching.

“I was encouraged with the Harbour Master’s view who expressed a strong desire to work with recreational SUP users to ensure the safe enjoyment of the areas under their control. It’s a fitting memory to Simon Flynn that his untimely death has catapulted this issue to the halls of Government.”  Tids, SUP Technical Group Chair.