British Canoeing Awarding Body announces NEW Inland Open Water Safety and Rescue

The NEW Inland Open Water Safety and Rescue course aims to provide paddlers with the key safety and rescue skills required to operate safely in a moderate inland open water environment.

This 6 hour programme consists of 7 modules. All of the modules are interactive, practical sessions, discussing and using equipment, and exploring possible solutions to common issues. Modules include safety frameworks, clothing and equipment, self rescues, as well as rescue scenarios.

‘This safety training award is a great addition to the suite of safety courses already offered by the British Canoeing Awarding Body. There are so many paddlers venturing onto inland open water environments and this course covers a wide range of topics including considerations when planning, how to keep out of trouble as well as what to do if someone ends up in the water. Our highly experienced tutors will be able to support your development and confidence when out on the water’.

– Lee Pooley, Paddle UK Director of Coaching and Qualifications.

The course is suitable for all ages and great for individuals, clubs and groups wanting to expand their safety practices. Participants will need to either hold the relevant British Canoeing Awarding Body Personal Performance Award or the equivalent ability in or on their preferred craft. This is due to the paddling environment and the boat/board control required to complete the course. As an example, the Open Water Touring Award or Progressive Canoe Award would be seen as the appropriate level of ability to fully engage on the course.

The NEW Inland Open Water Safety and Rescue course will be available from 1st June 2023.

Inland Open Water Safety And Rescue Sample Programme and Session Plans

Inland Open Water Safety and Rescue Skills Competency Checklist

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