Support your Coach Development

Join Jenny Coe, a highly respected and experienced coach developer, for a series of Coach Development sessions to support National Team and non-Olympic discipline coaches.

Each session will explore a topic pertinent to coaching, including coaching environments, planning, personal development and wellbeing, working within a team, a person first approach and challenging conversations.

During each workshop, you will discuss and explore the topic with other like-minded coaches. After each session you will then have the opportunity to attend a follow up sense making workshop, for reflection and to delve deeper into the topic. 

Jenny Coe…

Jenny Coe has spent 25 years in different sporting roles from playground to podium; she has seen, heard and felt the importance of understanding the individuals and relationships within each environment. She values connections and the underpinning care that supports people in working towards and maintaining their why. She aims to nourish the relationships so the trust and openness can empower those she works with to embrace the new challenges.

Jenny’s current role is working as a Head of Performance and Wellbeing with West Ham Women’s Football Team. A role where she is shifting the mindset in women’s football to consider the idea of performance through wellbeing.

You will also see her connected to anything supporting the growth of women in sport. She works with organisations and National Governing Bodies around the world to identify and grow participation, retention in the female workforce and the development of their environments.

Jenny has recently co-edited the Myths of Sport Coaching and is part of two more book collaborations linked to women in sport and a part two of their impactful myths book.

Finally, she is also co-founder of the company Impact the Game, a company that supports coaches and athletes in the area of sports psychology. An opportunity for all sporting participants to understand the world of sports psychology in an accessible and enjoyable way.

All sessions are free and you can attend all topics or just the topic that’s relevant to you. Places are capped at 20 spaces so book on today to avoid disappointment. You will get 5 CPD points for attending each webinar. 

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Monday 3rd April 2023 19:00PM – Coaching environments

This session will explore how to create a coaching environment that promotes growth, engagement, and positive change in your participants.

Monday 17th April 2023 19:00PM – Planning

This session is designed to help coaches of all levels understand the importance of planning and how it can help their individuals and group achieve an agreed measure of success.

Tuesday 2nd May 2023 19:00PM – My development and wellbeing

This session is designed to help coaches of all levels take a step back and focus on their own development and well-being.

Monday 15th May 2023 19:00PM – Working within a team

This session is designed to help coaches of all levels understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration when working on the water.

Tuesday 30th May 2023 19:00 PM – Person first approach

This session emphasises the importance of viewing athletes/paddlers/participants as individuals first and foremost and prioritising their unique needs and motivations.

Thursday 15th June 2023 19:00 PM – Challenging Conversations

This session is designed to help coaches understand the importance of communication and how to effectively handle challenging situations that may arise with their athletes.