British Canoeing Awarding Body announces NEW Surf Kayak Safety and Rescue

Surf Kayak Safety and Rescue

The Surf Kayak Safety and Rescue award will replace the Advanced Surf Kayak Safety and Rescue programme and is a 6 and a half hour programme that consists of 7 modules. The modules can be delivered in a day or modular over a maximum of an eight-week period that suits the participants. Modules include beach management, safety frameworks, self-rescues, deep water rescues and more.

The changes to the Surf Kayak Safety and Rescue award provide opportunities for those paddling in moderate surf environments, either frequently or occasionally to access the appropriate training and skills. British Canoeing Awarding Body hope that the revised provider requirements will attract club and recreational paddlers that are already leading in the surf zone to become deliverers and raise the awareness of staying safe in the surf zone.

Lee Pooley Director of Coaching & Qualifications.

Participants need to either hold the British Canoeing Awarding Body Surf Kayak Award or equivalent ability in or on their preferred craft, this is due to the paddling environment and the boat/ski/board control required to participate fully in the course.

The Surf Kayak Safety and Rescue course is available for all ages. Tutors should check the participants’ suitability, as well as checking you have the appropriate mechanisms for anyone under 18.

The NEW Surf Kayak Safety and Rescue course will be available from 1st July 2023

  Surf Kayak Safety and Rescue Skills Competency Checklist (217.7 KiB, 255 hits)

  Surf Kayak Safety and Rescue Sample Programme and Session Plans (313.3 KiB, 341 hits)

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