National Governing Body – Digital Learning Developer Day

On Friday 9th June, British Canoeing Awarding Body hosted the inaugural Digital Learning Development Day, which was attended by 18 participants from 10 National Governing Bodies.

Walter Nowlan and Debbie Thomson, who are Digital Learning Designers at British Canoeing Awarding Body, designed the event with the aim of developing a support network of colleagues in National Governing Bodies who create or curate digital learning assets.

To do that, Debbie and Walter facilitated sessions in which participants from 10 networks shared their best practices, explored some of the ‘hot topics’ facing the field and identified areas of further professional development. While some common themes emerged, it was clear that we operate in a diverse arena with each context having its own set of challenges.

The group agreed that it was extremely useful to spend time together to share ideas, experiences and expertise. To that end, an informal support network has been established and plans are already in place for another development day to go ahead next year.