British Canoeing Awarding Body announces the NEW Swimmer Safety and Rescue Course

The BCAB Swimmer Safety and Rescue course is designed to provide paddlers with the key safety skills and knowledge to work as part of a water safety team where open water swimming is involved. All modules are interactive, practical sessions, discussing and using equipment, exploring and practicing the knowledge and skills of a paddler providing safety cover. Some modules are The Swimming Environment, Clothing and equipment, Supporting swimmers and more.

Due to the increase in popularity of open water swimming, aqua parks, and events that take place across the UK, it was so important for the Awarding Body to review its offer of training to those that provide swim safety cover from a paddlecraft. 

The course is mainly practical and focuses on providing safety to those taking part in organised open water swimming sessions/events.  The assessment ensures that anyone that gains certification has reached the appropriate standard to cover safety as part of a team.

Many thanks to the RLSS, Swim England and British Triathlon, as well as the Paddle UK Lifeguards, and specialists on the working group for their support in the  development of this training course

Lee Pooley Director of Coaching & Qualifications

The Swimmer Safety and Rescue course is a 7 1⁄2 hour programme that consists of 6 training modules and an assessment competency of which can be delivered in a day or modular over a maximum of an eight-week period that suits the participants.

Participants on the course need to hold as a minimum a BCAB Personal Performance Award, or equivalent skill level due to the paddling environment, and the craft control required to complete the course.

The Swimmer Safety and Rescue course is available to those 16 years of age and Over.

The NEW Swimmer Safety and Rescue course will be available from 9th February 2024.

Please note, this course will replace the existing Lifeguards SESA course.

Further updates will be promoted via the British Canoeing Awarding Body website and the ‘Catch up with Coaching’ newsletter.