Canoe Slalom Technical Progression Guide Launched

Today the England Talent Programme has launched the Canoe Slalom Technical Progression guide, which will bring to life much of the content covered in the ‘What It Takes to Progress athlete development framework’.

The guide takes the form of a suite of short videos, focusing on the different competencies required to become a successful slalom athlete.

You can find the Slalom Technical Progression Guide here

The videos are split into four groups:

  • Foundation competencies – covering basic skills to master the effective propulsion and manoeuvrability of the boat
  • Gate based competencies – focusing on ups and staggers
  • White Water competencies – which are targeted at enhancing effective interaction between the boat and the moving water
  • Feature based competencies, on navigation and use of waves and stoppers.

The first two groups are being released today (Foundation competencies and Gate based Competencies) with plans to release the final groups later in 2023.

These resources have been developed so that it can be used by both coaches and athletes and have been developed by Ian Raspin, England National Talent Coach in collaboration with the British Canoeing Awarding Body.

Speaking of the launch, Ian said:

It is my hope that this resource will provide both aspiring athletes and coaches with a ‘check in’, offering them an opportunity to enhance or reassure their technical knowledge in pursuit of advancing development and performance.”

The WITTP framework available HERE, launched in July 2021, identifies the key foundations that underpin long term potential, across genders and classes detailing technique, physical preparation, psychological characteristics and behaviours along with racing and training experiences.