International Webinars – Paddling in Norway

During 2023, BCAB will be sharing a range of webinars aimed at those looking to paddle overseas or exploring places to paddle.

Each webinar will cover the opportunities to paddle throughout the country, including types of environment available and grades, visa requirements and byelaws, logistics of getting to and in and around the country, as well as local guide top tips.

Join our next webinar on 18th May, led by Ronny Riise and Hege Eian, exploring paddling in Norway. Book online here.

Ronny Riise, Sea Kayaking Norway

Ronny runs a small kayak centre on the west coast of Norway. He grew a passion for paddling in Honduras, fly-fishing from a kayak amongst the Mangrove trees some 20 years ago.

Facilitating for people to develop from being in the outdoors is still the main reason why he paddles. Ronny works part time as a teacher at an outdoor college and spends lots of time in the outdoors, both on the water and in the mountains. He is an Advanced Sea Kayak Leader and Sea Kayak Leader/CNTP/Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Provider.

Paddling has taken him to lots of places along the Norwegian coast as a guide and coach, as well as being a guest coach on different overseas Symposium, his favourite being the Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium.

Hege Eian –  Eian Fritid

Hege is the new generation in Eian Fritid, one of Norways leading canoe and kayak shops, established in 1989. She grew up with canoes and kayaks as part of her everyday life, and her dream has always been to work full time in Eian Fritid. Now she is a part owner in the family owned company.

Paddling for everyone is Eian Fritids motto, and she is passionate about that. Being able to motivate others to enjoy paddling as much as she does.

Hege is a Sea Kayak Leader and Sea Kayak Award provider. She enjoys guiding trips along the beautiful Norwegian coastline, and is more than happy to share the knowledge with customers, course participants and paddlers in general.

Join us on 18th May, 7pm – 8.30pm UK time, to hear about paddling in Norway.

Book online here

Keep an eye out for more overseas webinars throughout 2023.