International Webinars – Paddling in the States

During 2023, BCAB will be sharing a range of webinars aimed at those looking to paddle overseas or exploring places to paddle.

Each webinar will cover the opportunities to paddle throughout the country, including types of environment available and grades, visa requirements and byelaws, logistics of getting to and in and around the country, as well as local guide top tips.

Join our next webinar on 15th March, led by John Ozard and a whole host of guests, exploring paddling in the States. Book online here.

John Ozard

John began canoeing in the north eastern United States in the early 1970’s with a variety of whitewater and flatwater open canoe journeys. He purchased a touring kayak in 2003 and was instantly hooked. He began coaching paddlesports in 2009. John is a Paddle UK (UKCC) Level 2 Canoe and Kayak Coach, Paddle Explore Provider and Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Provider. John has paddled and coached in the north east and south east U.S., paddled on the U.S. west coast in Washington, as well as overseas in Wales and Portugal.

John will highlight logistics and entry requirements of paddling in the States.

Karrie Thomas, Executive Director, Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Karrie joined the Northern Forest Canoe Trail team in 2014. She is inspired by connecting people to the Northern Forest through outdoor recreation and appreciates the privilege of providing stewardship and access for paddlers today and into the future. She participates in local, state and regional partnerships from New York to Maine including the VOREC Steering Committee, Maine’s High Peaks Initiative and the Coos Outdoor Recreation Value Chain Project.

She grew up exploring the forests and mountains of the Northeast. Her passion for the outdoors ‐ and its capacity for recreation of the mind, body, and spirit – has its roots here. In college, she fell in love with kayaking and multi-day trips on remote waterways and has remained dedicated to rivers and river travel ever since. She enjoys combining work and pleasure exploring the northeast by paddle craft with her husband and two sons.

Karrie will cover North East U.S.

Sally Dewes, Kayaking and Rafting the Grand Canyon

Sally has been messing around in boats all her life and was introduced to whitewater paddling while on her first trip rafting in the Grand Canyon in 1994.  She jumped into a kayak during that first trip, swam a lot, bought a ww kayak when she returned home, and never looked back.  She has since paddled many rivers all over North America and returned to kayak the Grand Canyon five more times.  She has also taken part in other multi-day raft supported wilderness trips in the western part of the US, occasionally rowing but usually kayaking.  Sally is a level 4 ACA certified whitewater instructor. Sally also is a retired environmental engineer and musician.

Sally will cover South West U.S.

Gennifer Gatan, Sea Kayaking California Coast

Be it coastal touring, kayak-camping, rock gardening, or surfing a wave or three – Gennifer Gatan sees sea kayaking as a never-ending opportunity for learning. The better part, however, has been sharing the passion and process with fellow enthusiasts through instruction, coaching, and leadership. “Meeting them where they are,” guides the heart and hustle of Gennifer’s philosophy, as well as working together to craft an optimal learner-driven experience.

Gennifer has earned the Paddle UK Sea Kayak Coach and 5* Advanced Sea Kayak Leader awards. For American Canoe, she’s a L4 Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor. While she lives and works in Southern California (Los Angeles and San Diego), she also teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area, and enjoys collaborating with coaches all over.

Join us on 15th March, 7pm – 8.30pm GMT, to hear about paddling in the States.

Book online here