Personal Performance Award Provider Refresher eLearning

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This free, single-module 30-minute eLearning is for existing Personal Performance Awards Providers and ensures continual development, standardisation and delivery of our Educational Philosophy. We have developed this eLearning update to revisit the awards, explore methods of delivery as well as focus on a specific area to support both providers and paddlers.

£0.00 inc VAT


The British Canoeing Awarding Body Personal Performance Awards Refresher eLearning gives existing Providers the opportunity to revisit the awards and remind themselves of delivery methods that align with our Educational Philosophy. 

In order to continue delivering the awards, providers must complete this eLearning after 3 years of completing the original Personal Performance Awards eLearning.

The Personal Performance Awards Refresher eLearning module revisits the awards as a reminder of:

  • the opportunities available
  • who can deliver the awards
  • how Providers can work towards being able to provide additional awards

It also explores how the awards can be delivered to empower learners to become independent paddlers.

The module also provides some key information on the environment and how Providers can be ambassadors of looking after our waterways and promote appropriate paddler behaviours.

You earn 5 CPD points by completing this eLearning. These will be added to your National Association record after completion.